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You are a writer.

A writer writes—this is true. But a writer also reads. A writer learns. She is eager to experiment and grow. She may write epic best-sellers or bits of poetry in the sand. She may write nothing she’d ever share. She writes to-do lists, love letters, and scathing emails. She publishes ground-breaking research, bodice-rippers, and blogs about baking. She traces the alphabet on a baby’s pudgy hand. She makes plans, keeps calendars, signs condolence cards, and captures rainbows in her mind. 

The most important thing to know about writers is that you are one. How or whether or not you put your words into the world doesn’t matter—you are writing your story. What will your next chapter be?

Writing by the Water

Hi, I'm Catherine Palmer

I am an Amherst Writer’s and Artists Certified Writing Workshop Facilitator with a BA in English, an MA in Marketing Communications, and an MFA in Creative Writing. In 2016, I moved to the Northeast Kingdom and soon after left a 30-year marketing career—determined to write my own story and help others write their next chapters.

My work has been published in The Boston GlobeAmerican Literary Review, AARP’s The Ethel MagazineNorth Star Monthly, and elsewhere.  I also publish a newsletter, Midlife Anti-Hero. I am writing a memoir.

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